To increase the range of motion of the shoulder ( gleno humeral joint)



Patients with a restricted range of motion from Adhesive Capsulitis ( Frozen Shoulder )
Skin Incisions

Two 4 mm portals are established, one at the front and one behind the shoulder.


  • The joint range of movement is assesedunder anaesthetic.
  • A full inspection of the shoulder joint is carried out via the arthroscopy video camera
  • The thickened (fibrotic) and tight ligaments are carefully and precisely released, as necessary, to allow a normal and full range of movement of the shoulder joint to be restored; this selective procedure avoids the risk of damage to other structures in the joint.
    After your operation
  • The arm may be placed in a brace (Bradford Sling), holding your arm stretched above your head during the anaesthetic; so you wake with the arm in this position.
  • The physiotherapist will see you before you leave the hospital and move the arm for you stretching the shoulder joint into the maximum range of movement. He or she will then show you specific exercises which you must perform after you leave hospital on a daily basis at home. It is useful if a friend or elative can attend during a physiotherapy session in order to learn how to help with these exercises at home. You will also need frequent physiotherapy outpatient appointments during the firs 3 weeks after the procedure; ideally every other day during the first week.
  • -The sutures will need removing at 12 days after your operation; either by your G.P’s practice or at the hospital.