Shoulder Abduction



Exercise 1

Hold a walking stick in both hands, with palms facing upwards, gently raise the operated arm out to the side until you feel a stretch.

Passively, the operated arm rests on the stick, in an active assisted movement,the operated arm joins in. This is better done in standing but can be done in sitting.

Exercise 2

Using a pulley, use the good arm to raise the operated arm out to the side. This is an active assisted exercise. This can be done with the elbow bent to begin with as shown ( short lever) below 90 degrees but then progressing to using the arm straight,



Exercise 3

3. Standing against a wall or solid surface, push your elbow against the wall. This is an isometric exercise.



Exercise 4

Raise your arm out to the side and into elevation above your head. When you get to 90 degrees make sure you are leading the movement with your thumb. This is an active exercise.



Exercise 5

Holding a piece of theraband or elastic tubing , take your arm out to the side and return. Gentle increase the range that you take the arm away from the side as stated in your protocol. This is a resistive exercise.