Dr Maan Hassan F.R.C.A. Consultant Anaesthetist,
University College London
Princess Grace
Clementine Churchill Hospital 

Dr Kelsie Rao
Trust Plus Northwick Park and Clementine Churchill Hospital.


Dr Raj Kapoor
Consultant Neurologist, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queens Square London and Clementine Churchill Hospital.


Dr Mark Dancy
M.R.C.P.-Consultant Cardiologist, Trust Plus Northwick Park and Clementine Churchill.
Dr Nigel Stephens
M.R.C.P. -Consultant Cardiologist,Trust Plus Northwick Park and Clemenine Chuchill Hospital.


Dr David Lubel
.M.R.C.P-Consultant General Physician, Care of The Elderly, Clementine Churchill Hospital.


Dr Dan Ornadel
M.R.C.P-Consultant General Physician Respiratory Medicine and Intensive Care,Clementine Churchill Hospital.

Dr Andrew Hine
M.R.C.P-Consultant Radiologist, Clementine Churchill Hospital.
Dr R BudgettDirector of Medical Services
For The British Olympic Association

M.R.C.P-Consultant Physician, Specialist in Sports and Exercise Medicine,Clementine Churchill Hospital.