- Dr Maan Hassan F.R.C.A. Consultant Anaesthetist,
University College London
Princess Grace
Clementine Churchill Hospital 

- Dr Kelsie Rao
Trust Plus Northwick Park and Clementine Churchill Hospital.


- Dr Raj Kapoor
Consultant Neurologist, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queens Square London and Clementine Churchill Hospital.


- Dr Mark Dancy
M.R.C.P.-Consultant Cardiologist, Trust Plus Northwick Park and Clementine Churchill.
- Dr Nigel Stephens
M.R.C.P. -Consultant Cardiologist,Trust Plus Northwick Park and Clemenine Chuchill Hospital.


- Dr David Lubel
.M.R.C.P-Consultant General Physician, Care of The Elderly, Clementine Churchill Hospital.


- Dr Dan Ornadel
M.R.C.P-Consultant General Physician Respiratory Medicine and Intensive Care,Clementine Churchill Hospital.

- Dr Andrew Hine
M.R.C.P-Consultant Radiologist, Clementine Churchill Hospital.
- Dr R BudgettDirector of Medical Services
For The British Olympic Association

M.R.C.P-Consultant Physician, Specialist in Sports and Exercise Medicine,Clementine Churchill Hospital.